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Blessings for 2021

Here’s wishing all of our STG participants a great year to come with many blessings, health and financial growth! We appreciate you and believe 2021 will be a year of blessings, goals reached and prosperity! 2020 will go down in history as the year of the pandemic. We pray that you and your loved ones are safe and practicing CDC safety measures. We look forward to seeing you all this year and sharing more positive ways to create wealth.

Here’s a brief one minute video from STG Founder Dr. Tina Marie Jackson who was recently name the 2020 Higher Education Mentor of the Year by Women of Visionary Influence (WOVI). Get ready for your blessings today, 2021 will be great!

STG Scholarship Winners

Kailen Branson STG Scholarship Recipient 2021
Hazaelee Sellers, 2020 STG Scholar

Natividad Herrera, 2020 STG Scholar

The end of 2020 we selected another phenomenal student to be the recipient of a STG Star Scholarship.  Kailen Branson is a young man from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and an aspiring artist. He is currently attending Concordia University, majoring in Graphic Design and considering a minor in English. Kailen said, “Spending the summer interning for the local newspaper, North News, helped me realized my passion for literature and graphic design.” Design and the arts have always interested Kailen, and now he plans on becoming a professional in the field. In the future, he hopes to be an established professional artist, designing art for video games and movies. He also hopes to publish a fiction novel. Kailen plans to tackle all of his ambitious goals and communicate empowering messages of hope through his art. Kailen’s future is very bright and with his continuous drive and determination, he will leave his mark and impact many lives. 

In November 2020 our STG Scholarship Committee selected a recipient for the STG “Guns Down Books Up Scholarship” in honor of Ms. Birdell Beeks and STG “Dream Driver” Scholarship in honor of Community Leader Natalie Johnson Lee Winners. We selected two incredible ladies who have shown their dedication to their education and commitment to making their mark and creating change.

Our first winner is Hazaelee Sellers, Hazaelee is a Civil Engineering and Psychology Major at George Brown College. Right now, she is interning with a minority-owned construction business, serving as their project manager’s assistant. After receiving both of her degrees, Hazaelee would like to secure a job as a project manager and begin her future. After gaining years of experience as a project engineer in a construction company, she would like to work in a water treatment center to design equipment to purify and reuse gray water. In the future, Hazaelee hopes to supervise a team of younger engineers to capture, test, and design pathways to delivering clean water to different communities. Hazaelee would like to take her skills abroad and build wells and water tunnels in third-world countries that lack clean water. She would also like to lead a waterworks project that allows young engineers to travel and design wells in different countries, creating opportunities for mission trips and international education. With Hazaelee’s adventurous dreams, she is destined to go far with her future. Congratulations, Hazaelee, and continue to be an extravagant young woman. To learn more about our STG Scholarships please visit:

Our second winner is Natividad Herrera, Natividad is a Social Work Major at St.Catherine University. Her goal is to become a Macro Social Worker, impacting both community connection and political action. Natividad wants to work within large communities to advocate for permanent change for future generations by forming allyships with marginalized groups. She is unsure of what specific organizations she’d like to serve yet, but assisting groups in reaching their goals are her main goal. Natividad’s passion is to end the need for social workers like myself. She wants to ensure that clients will have all the resources they need, and if they need any additional help, they will be able to contact professionals like herself. Natividad wants to be part of a change much larger than herself. Congratulations Natividad, we know you are destined for great things. To learn more about our STG Scholarships please visit:

15th Annual STG Seminar

On September 12th, 2020, we concluded the 15th Annual Surviving the Game Virtual Seminar. Thank you to everyone who presented and participated. This was the first year STG was virtual and we had an amazing turn out and a great time.

In honor of 15 years of service STG decided to hold an STG essay contest! The students were told to write an essay about what they learned from the conference and how they would apply those tools to their life. They wrote about finishing strong, expanding their personal brands, and thinking about they are going to do rather than what they could’ve done. We selected 3 winners; in 1st place Ms. Bobbie Oramalu from Texas; 2nd place Mr. Christian Huble from Minnesota and 3rd place Ms. Lela McGregor from Minnesota, Congratulations to all the winners!

Surviving the Game has always advocated for students continuing their education. On the STG Website the 2020 STG Dream Drivers Scholarship and 2020 STAR Guns Down Books Up Scholarship applications are now open! Current college students seeking two year and four year degrees, be sure to apply by October 1st.

Surviving the game will also be launching a STG Racial Justice Leadership Institute Winter 2020. For more information, follow us on our social media and if you have any questions pertaining email us directly or visit our website at 

Instagram: @STGConference 

Twitter: @STGConferenceMN 



STG Celebrates Small Business Owners Month

In honor of Small Business Month, STG would like to highlight the work of “Sistar Girl Talk Group” which is a group of entrepreneurs from Desmoines, Iowa who successfully launched a Sista Soul Fest in in August 2020. Currently, they are planning another community event that will take place on October11th, 2020. To register as a vendor at the Soul Fest event click the link Soul Fest To contact these fabulous business owners contact Hazel Grace  Photography on instagram at or email her at; contact Tranzitions Wellness on instagram at @tranzitionswellness or email; contact Aje Noire Creations on instagram @aje.noire.creations or email; contact Shy Intimate Apparel at instagram @shyintimate or visit the website at Reach out to the Sistar Girl Talk Group event planners via email at We look forward to seeing these small business owners prosper for years to come.

STG 2020 Shinning STAR

Jacci McGregor, Artist, Visionary and Entrepreneur

We are pleased to highlight Ms. Jacqueline McGregor, 17 from Woodbury, MN. She is a senior attending Tartan high school in Oakdale, MN. Jacci has created the STG logo that celebrates 15 years of service in the community. Jacci’s work will be featured during our 2020 STG Virtual Seminar which, will take place on Saturday September 12, 2020 from 1:00-3:30pm CST. Jacci congratulations on your work! You are a shinning star, we are proud of you and are excited to see what the future holds. For more information about this rising star contact Jacci via instagram @Jaccimcgreg