Surviving The Game (STG) was founded in 2005 by Tina M. Jackson, PhD.  After doing a lot of research on poverty and academic development she was convinced that teaching students about financial literacy would strengthen their ability to break out of poverty and achieve economic success. Our first STG conference was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota at Augsburg College.  Since 2005, we have branched out to provide STG financial literacy workshops nationally. Each year we host an annual conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota to continue educating youth in the greater Twin Cities metropolitan area.

Your economic and social conditions undoubtedly affect your health and well-being.  Many young people choose illegal ways to supplement their income.  In many cases these youth end up incarcerated or dead. STG curriculum begins to address economic issues young people are facing across the nation.  STG is a youth centered financial literacy curriculum that prepares students for the future, by exposing them to financial opportunities, entrepreneurship and higher education.

STG provides financial literacy programming for youth, focusing on training, networking, career development and financial planning tools.  Breaking the cycle of poverty, drug addiction, violence, premature deaths, incarceration, crime, teen pregnancy and the lack of financial resources.  Our mission is to educate youth about financial literacy which includes; health & wellness, money management, capitalism, economic development and entrepreneurship.  By providing opportunities that train, strengthen and develop personal leadership skills.


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