Our curriculum addresses economic issues urban young people are facing across the nation.  Surviving the game is a student centered curriculum that prepares urban youth for the future, by exposing them to financial opportunities, health and wellness, entrepreneurship and higher education.

Workshop One | The Rage Stage

Workshop Two | If The Drug Don’t Kill You, The Lifestyle Will…

Workshop Three | A Guide To Higher Education

Workshop Four | Studying For Success

Workshop Five | The World Of Real Estate

Workshop Six | A Guide For Future Business Owners

Workshop Seven | Understanding Credit

Workshop Eight | Dollars That Make Cents!

Workshop Nine | Wall Street, The Legal Hustle…

Workshop Ten | Surviving The Game



Key concepts included are:

  • Health, Wellness & Fitness
  • How to concentrate, stay on track and plan with the goal in mind.
  • The importance of knowing what you want so that you don’t make someone else rich.
  • Following your plan and being prepared for roadblocks!
  • Why passion must be included in your plan.
  • Money Management Tips
  • Setting realistic goals © Copyright 2017

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