STG Celebrates Hot Sauce Talks Podcast

Episode 1: A Conversation About Sisterhood

Hosted by: Dr. Tina Jackson, STG Founder

In celebration of 16 years of serving the community STG is launching a new podcast “Hot Sauce Talks Podcast” focusing on women leadership. Join our founder Dr. Tina Jackson monthly to hear engaging conversations with leaders related to mentorship and professional development.

There’s some lessons in life that are only learned through experience.  Hot Sauce Talks Podcast highlights women leadership lessons learned and key ingredients to living your best life.  Join us to find out the secret sauce to living your best life while staying true to your values, beliefs and personal achievements.

Episode 1 Features guest panelists:  Natalie Johnson Lee,Founder of Sister of Power Inc., Lisa Sayles-Adams, Superintendent of Eastern Carver County Schools and Samantha Ruiz Gross, EntrepreneurWhat’s the hot sauce for healthy relationships with women?  Tune in to this episode focussed on friendship, sisterhood and the importance of having positive, healthy relationships with women. 

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