STAR Scholarship honoring Birdell Beeks

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Ms. Birdell Beeks

You believed in our dreams, shared your love, cheered us on and made all of us feel like “STARS” we honor you by sharing your legacy through giving.

2021 STG Scholarship Applications are now open, please click the link below:

STG 2021 Scholarship Application Page

Congratulations 2020 Scholarship Recipient

Ms. Hazelee Sellers, George Brown College Major: Civil Engineering and Psychology 

Hazalee Sellers is currently an intern at a minority-owned construction business serving as a project manager’s assistant. After receiving both of her degrees in civil engineering and psychology she would like to secure a job as a project manager. After gaining years of experience as a project engineer in a construction company, she would like to work in a water treatment center to design equipment to purify and reuse gray water. In the future, Ms. Sellers hopes to supervise a team of younger engineers to capture, test, and design pathways to delivering clean water to different communities. Ultimately, she would like to take her skills internationally and build wells and water tunnels in third-world countries that lack clean water. Hazelee would also like to lead a waterworks project that allows young engineers to travel and design wells in different countries, creating opportunities for mission trips and international education.

Congratulations 2019 Scholarship Recipient


Ms. Ne’Asha Griffin, Bethune Cookman University Major: Psychology Minor: Business

Ms. Griffen’s goal is to become a Psychologist/Social Worker/Advocate to children whom have experienced trauma Ne’Asha Griffin, graduates from Fair School Downtown in Minneapolis Minnesota in 2018. She is currently a junior at Bethune Cookman University studying a major in psychology with a minor in business.  

Surviving The Game Financial Literacy Organization is proud to be a supporter of “Be The Voice”

Be the Voice is a support and advocacy group/movement created to support families and friends of homicide victims.  We work to support family and friends through weekly support groups, advocating between investigators and families; and by going out into the neighborhoods where the lives have been taken posting flyers and asking for the communities support in the families search for justice.  Be the Voice was created by Bunny Beeks, the daughter of Birdell Beeks, who was an innocent bystander shot and killed in north Minneapolis in 2016.  After Birdell’s untimely death, Bunny felt the need to seek justice along with the rest of her family.   She knew that she was in the fight for her life and had to Be the Voice Birdell no longer had!  Bunny has since vowed to support other families who have experienced such tragic loss through the same avenues she and her family used to get justice.  Bunny also knows first-hand the difficulties that come along with losing someone and realizes hurt people, hurt people.  She hopes that by providing these weekly support groups that families and friends will have a space to speak to others who have experienced that pain and hopefully heal during the process of expressing that pain through conversation. 

For more information contact Be the Voice Ms. Bunny Beeks, Founder/CEO via email

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