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Finance & Affirmations

Listen to Finance & Affirmations as Dr. Tina Jackson and Katherine Lankford have a conversation about financial literacy click this link to listen Podcast Link Episode 28. Finance & Affirmation is Hosted by Katherine Lankford is a podcast that explores the intersection of finance and affirmations from a personal, social and global perspective. Each episode will offer you a positive affirmation that you can take along with you on your daily journey. For more information about Finance & Affirmation visit the Podcast website

STG Celebrates Hot Sauce Talks Podcast

Episode 1: A Conversation About Sisterhood

Hosted by: Dr. Tina Jackson, STG Founder

In celebration of 16 years of serving the community STG is launching a new podcast “Hot Sauce Talks Podcast” focusing on women leadership. Join our founder Dr. Tina Jackson monthly to hear engaging conversations with leaders related to mentorship and professional development.

There’s some lessons in life that are only learned through experience.  Hot Sauce Talks Podcast highlights women leadership lessons learned and key ingredients to living your best life.  Join us to find out the secret sauce to living your best life while staying true to your values, beliefs and personal achievements.

Episode 1 Features guest panelists:  Natalie Johnson Lee,Founder of Sister of Power Inc., Lisa Sayles-Adams, Superintendent of Eastern Carver County Schools and Samantha Ruiz Gross, EntrepreneurWhat’s the hot sauce for healthy relationships with women?  Tune in to this episode focussed on friendship, sisterhood and the importance of having positive, healthy relationships with women. 

STG 2021 Scholars

“Keep Shinning and Reaching for Your Academic & Career Goals!”

We are so proud to announce our 2021 scholarship recipients as we celebrate 16 years of serving the community.

Ms. Hazelee Sellars, STG 2021 Scholar
George Brown College, Civil Engineering Technology
& University of Minnesota Senior,
majoring in Psychology she will graduate with two degrees in Spring 22!
Click here to learn more about Hazelee Sellars
Ms. NeAsha Griffin, STG 2021 Scholar Bethune Cookman University Junior majoring in Psychology with a minor in Business Click here to learn more about NeAsha Griffin

STG Shinning STAR

Kailen Branson STG Scholarship Recipient

At the end of 2020 we were blessed with additional funds to select another phenomenal student to be the recipient of a STG Star Scholarship. 

Kailen Branson is a young man from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and an aspiring artist. He is currently attending Concordia University, majoring in Graphic Design and considering a minor in English. Kailen said, “Spending the summer interning for the local newspaper, North News, helped me realized my passion for literature and graphic design.” Design and the arts have always interested Kailen, and now he plans on becoming a professional in the field. In the future, he hopes to be an established professional artist, designing art for video games and movies. He also hopes to publish a fiction novel. Kailen plans to tackle all of his ambitious goals and communicate empowering messages of hope through his art. Kailen’s future is very bright and with his continuous drive and determination, he will leave his mark and impact many lives. 

Congratulations Kailen, we are proud of you and look forward to watching you shine! 


Financial Friday

7 Easy Hacks to Help you Save More Money Every Day – Daily Gut

Happy New Year!

The best way to start the new year is with new financial goals. What financial goal did you set last year that you didn’t achieve? It’s time to reshape that goal and make a plan to achieve it this year! William A. Ward said, “Before you speak, listen. Before you write, think. Before you spend, earn. Before you invest, investigate. Before you criticize, wait. Before you pray, forgive. Before you quit, try. Before you retire, save. Before you die, give.” Take this quote and start the new year off strong!

Visit our STG Youtube page to watch our conference workshops and future STG Podcasts. We plan on uploading tons of content related to saving, investing, and budgeting. We have already posted one of the panel discussions from the 15th Annual Surviving the Game Conference; Sharpening your skills! Click the link below for more information.

Below are some saving/spending challenges to help you start the year off by managing your income. We challenge you to commit to one of these things listed and watch the difference it makes in your life. Good Luck and Happy New Year!

Money saving challenges:

  • The 100 Envelope Challenge Is a Fun “Hack” to Save Money
    • Number 100 envelopes $1-$100 .
    • Pull an envelope every day and place the amount of money in the envelope.
    • Set that off to the side and by the time you’ve pulled all the envelopes you will have saved $5,050! 
  • NO eating out and stick to buying groceries!
  • Treat yourself once a month instead of once a week! 

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