STG Celebrates Small Business Owners Month

In honor of Small Business Month, STG would like to highlight the work of “Sistar Girl Talk Group” which is a group of entrepreneurs from Desmoines, Iowa who successfully launched a Sista Soul Fest in in August 2020. Currently, they are planning another community event that will take place on October11th, 2020. To register as a vendor at the Soul Fest event click the link Soul Fest To contact these fabulous business owners contact Hazel Grace  Photography on instagram at or email her at; contact Tranzitions Wellness on instagram at @tranzitionswellness or email; contact Aje Noire Creations on instagram @aje.noire.creations or email; contact Shy Intimate Apparel at instagram @shyintimate or visit the website at Reach out to the Sistar Girl Talk Group event planners via email at We look forward to seeing these small business owners prosper for years to come.

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