2020 STG Scholarship Application

To Apply for the 2020 STG Dream Drivers Scholarship or 2020 STAR Guns Down Books Up Scholarship Please Fill out the information below and submit by Thursday October 1st, 2020. $500 scholarships will be awarded to selected applicants on November 1st, 2020. Current College students seeking two year and four year degrees and certificates are encouraged to apply.

Short Essay Assignment

Please write a short essay there is a 1500 word limit. ***Applicants may apply for one of the following two scholarships. A) Please share in your essay the school you are attending B) Indicate which scholarship you are applying for. C) Answer the two essay questions for the applicaiton.
STG Dream Driver Scholars Applicant Questions
1) What is a challenge that you see in the community that you are currently in the process of creating a solution for? 2) How can you use financial planning to increase your ability to be successful in your career?
STG STAR Guns Down Books Up Applicant Questions, 1) How have the recent events with social injustice motivated you to want to serve your community? 2) How has gun violence impacted our nation and what can you do to be a solution? Please submit your essay to STG Scholarship Committee
via email at stgconference@gmail.com by 10-1-2020 11:59pm
stgconference @gmail.com

Applicant Information

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