It’s Never to Early to Start Thinking About Real Estate

You may be young, but it’s never too soon to be thinking about Real Estate. Let’s take a look at just what Real Estate is.

What is real estate?

Land, houses, condos, town homes, apartment buildings, Business buildings, restaurants, malls, churches, duplexes, schools, hotels.

*Single family homes, multi-housing units & commercial

Why should you purchase real estate?

Real estate can help you to gain purchasing power! If you buy a home and pay your mortgage you will also qualify for other things and you can buy investment real estate in the future that will help you to accumulate

What is equity?

The appreciation value of property, for example you pay $100 for a house in November of 2005, in November of 2006 the house property fair market value is $200 you have earned $100 worth of equity.

*appreciation-an increase in value.

Next week will find out how Real Estate can help you make money!

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